Month: May 2006

  • Glitch fixing

    I just discovered that both the permalinks and the comments RSS feed were messed up. Somehow, some files didn’t transfer quite properly during the upgrade process, which is bizarre, since I double-checked them all. Go figure. If you see problems of any kind, please let me know. Thanks!

  • HolmesPosnerPaperMindNumbMadness

    That was my away message for most of this week. I just turned in my first law school paper, for American Legal Theory. Final tallies: 25 pages 97 footnotes 6,193 words text 3,386 words footnotes 80 hours working time (roughly) 10 pots of coffee (very roughly) 3 Red Bulls 1 all-nighter 1 year off my […]

  • I Feel the Waters Rising…

    So, I’m starting to think next year is going to be completely nuts. I’m going to be an officer in three different student groups; I am helping BLSA organize a debate on race and the legal community; I want to remain involved in admissions and related activities; I’m hoping to be on a journal; and […]

  • Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

    I upgraded the site (finally) to WordPress 2.0. This should help me manage the spam comments/trackbacks/pingbacks. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the problem, during the first 17 days of this month, I received 316 spam comments (18.6/day). On the 18th, I received 247. On the 19th, 348. On the 20th, 614. […]

  • I (still) love my MINI!

    For those who haven’t heard, I left my moonroof partially open during Wednesday’s thunderstorm. I thought I’d closed it, but I was wrong, apparently. Anyway, the sensor for the remote (keyless) entry system shorted out, because it’s in the rearview mirror, which got soaked. So, I drove out to a local dealer, today, expecting to […]