Glitch fixing

I just discovered that both the permalinks and the comments RSS feed were messed up. Somehow, some files didn’t transfer quite properly during the upgrade process, which is bizarre, since I double-checked them all. Go figure.

If you see problems of any kind, please let me know. Thanks!


That was my away message for most of this week. I just turned in my first law school paper, for American Legal Theory. Final tallies:

  • 25 pages
  • 97 footnotes
  • 6,193 words text
  • 3,386 words footnotes
  • 80 hours working time (roughly)
  • 10 pots of coffee (very roughly)
  • 3 Red Bulls
  • 1 all-nighter
  • 1 year off my life expectancy (minimum)

At least it’s done. I’ll post it to my writings page, sometime this summer (I think I should wait until my peers turn theirs in).

I Feel the Waters Rising…

So, I’m starting to think next year is going to be completely nuts. I’m going to be an officer in three different student groups; I am helping BLSA organize a debate on race and the legal community; I want to remain involved in admissions and related activities; I’m hoping to be on a journal; and I’m toying with the idea of doing Moot Court (which I can, apparently, do my third year, instead). Somewhere in there, I’d like to have some fun. Gonna be a busy year…

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

I upgraded the site (finally) to WordPress 2.0. This should help me manage the spam comments/trackbacks/pingbacks. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the problem, during the first 17 days of this month, I received 316 spam comments (18.6/day). On the 18th, I received 247. On the 19th, 348. On the 20th, 614.

That is insane. It’s such a problem that, despite aggressive blacklisting, the number of “please moderate” e-mails I have received in the last 24 hours is something like 5 times my normal, total, good e-mail load. I have spent far more time over the last couple of months keeping my blog from turning into a free-for-all for spamvertising all sorts of garbage than I have actually using the blog. Hopefully, the more powerful features of the new software will help me manage this in much less time. After all, it’s not like fighting blog spam is the most significant thing going on in my life, right now…

I (still) love my MINI!

For those who haven’t heard, I left my moonroof partially open during Wednesday’s thunderstorm. I thought I’d closed it, but I was wrong, apparently. Anyway, the sensor for the remote (keyless) entry system shorted out, because it’s in the rearview mirror, which got soaked. So, I drove out to a local dealer, today, expecting to lay down somewhere between $200 and $500 for repairs (the part is something like $180, and it’s a BMW make, so I figured: not cheap).

Total cost: $0.
Bonuses: $10 gas card, free car wash, and free replacement wiper blades.
Total time required: 3 hours, more of which was driving than waiting. Even while I was waiting, I was able to use their free Wi-Fi to work on my Holmes/Posner paper.

I love my car.

In other news: I have given up on posting much of anything meaningful on here, until after June 8, because I have one 20-page paper due next week and three exams immediately thereafter. Also, any comments are likely to be delayed in appearing, because the EdBlog has been inundated with spam, so all comments now require my approval, until I can upgrade the spam filtering.

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