Tag: Friends

  • Craziness Halted

    For the first time in several months, we’ve both been able to leave the office at pretty normal hours, without taking work home, more than once in a week. Finally, our respective cases have calmed down enough that we’re running near a normal work week again. It’s nice. Also, big congratulations to my buddies Phil…

  • Flipping Out, In Good Company

    A friend posted this sage advice to people about the take the bar exam, like yours truly: RELAX. Yes, it’s overwhelming. Yes, there is a huge amount of material, much of it obscure. But, you know what? If you study diligently, you will pass. Relax. It’ll all be over soon!

  • It’s Called “Caesar!”

    Location: Hyde Park McDonald’s franchise, Chicago, IL, USA Date: Friday, April 27, 2007 Time: 8:15 PM McDonald’s Employee: [mumbled] We don’t have southwestern dressing. Amy: Okay. [confers with Sarah] We’d like ranch. McDonald’s Employee: [looks confused, looks in refrigerator] We’re out of ranch. Amy: You don’t have ranch? What other dressings do you have? McDonald’s…

  • Enloe High School Class of ’97

    Wow, I feel old, now. My high school class is trying to track down all of its members, again, in preparation for our 10 year reunion, next year. If you were in the Class of 1997 at William G. Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC, go to the Enloe97 Yahoo! Group page and rejoin us!

  • It’s a Very Small World

    I ran into a buddy (Nathan Renick) from my Panama City Beach summer in the Knoxville airport, Wednesday night. That’s exceptionally obscure, since he lives in Mississippi and I live in North Carolina. It just worked out that the only flight I could book (late) was through Knoxville and Nathan’s family was getting together in…